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Ted Bailey - Designer of the modern MTA!
  Home of the THE Boomerang Auction!
Ted's Homepage
Ted's Catalog and Boomerang News
Volker Behrens, Germany Blue Star Rangs
Gerhard Bertling - Germany German Boomerang Page! [English version]
Boomerang Association of Australia
Jack Claycomb
8215 Debbie Gay
Houston, TX 77040

A Boomerang Armada
Great resource and history of his personal experience
with boomerangs and boomerang making!

Steve Conaway - Fillmore, CA Aboriginal Steve's Boomerangs
Tom Conally -  North Carolina Flying Frog Boomerangs
Olivier Duffez
  Author of the Boomerang Passion Newsletter
Boomerang Passion (Fr) -- English Version
Contains a database of more than 130 plans of
boomerangs with pictures and full descriptions.
Wil and Betsylew Miale-Gix Boomerang Refrigerator Magnets
Michael "Gel" Girvin Gel Boomerangs
Steven Graham
          Bartlesville, OK
Graham's Boomerangs
  Art Teacher makes Boomerangs!  Didgeridoos, Boomerang Making and Throwing Instructions. 
Michael Gray MX Boomerangs
Richard Harrison [Boomerang Man!]
Monroe, LA

  Great boomerangs from around the world!
Online Catalog
Dave Hendricks
  "Caught in his BVDs!"
BVD Rangs
  Chili Head info, too!
Tibor Horvath Swiss Boom Federation & B'AGGRESSIVE
Jens Krabbe Denmark Boomerangs
Ed ter Laare The Netherlands Boomerang Page Dutch Boomerang Club ABO
Stephane Marguerite Walla'B Boomerangs [Canada]
Richardo Bruni Marx Boomerang Page [in Portuguese]
Walter Mazar Brazil SuperBooms
Maurice Monnot France La Pérouse Boomerang Club
Heikki Niskanen
     Amateur Boomsmith Page - Great instructions!
Roger Perry Boomerangs Are Us!
Richard Pollock-Nelson Colorado Boomerangs .. Rocky Mountain Throw
Dietmar Reinig German Art Booms [Rediboom]
David Schummy Schummy Booms (Link at bottom)
Jeremy Smith
Aboriginal Art Boomerangs

Didjeridoos and Boomerangs!

Very artistic - True to Aboriginal design.

William K. Sotak Harrisville, PA Katos
Etienne Sourd [Trumpet Man] Canada Montreal Boomerang Club [French]
Richard Spurling Adelaide, South Australia Boomerangs over South Australia
Pat Steigman Tyler, TX Pat's Cool Page! S/L Booms, Caps
Roland Untereiner Strasbourg, France Hopla! Boomerang Club
Ulf Valentin Electronic Boomerangs, Flight Simulator
Gary W. Villard Model Composites Canton, Ohio "Midge" & "Highlander" CF MTAs
(330) 477-2324
John Villagrana Santa Fe Springs, CA Whishhbone Boomerangs


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